[Version 1.1 now available!]

Example Output:

Before (Click image to enlarge):

(Static HTML Page)

After (Click image to enlarge):

(Identical-Looking Wordpress Page with "Categories" widget)

Screenshot of the plugin's admin panel:

The problems:

1) Sometimes, you want to upload a salesletter on your Wordpress blog, and have it look perfect. You need to upload the HTML file, .css file and images, and get the server "paths" just right with FTP software - something that isn't the easiest thing in the world, unless you have the necessary technical knowledge.

2) Even if you do manage to upload the page to your server and have it appear properly, that page would mainly be an "island." It would still be a static HTML page, without any of the cool Wordpress Widgets that make the page be fully SEO optimized and a "part" of the whole blog (widgets like "tags", categories, archives, text areas that rotate banners etc).

3) It's very difficult to customize an existing Wordpress theme and make it look "just right." And, if you hired a Wordpress developer, they would ask you for an arm and a leg to create the HTML ".psd" and then "cut it up" to turn it into a fully-functional Wordpress page.

The solution:

HTML2WP is a super-simple Wordpress plugin that takes an existing, static HTML page and turns it into a Wordpress page that looks EXACTLY like the original AND that can accept the Widgets of your normal active Wordpress theme.

How it works:

1) From within the plugin (no FTP software like Filezilla needed), you upload a static HTML page that already has the content you want, formatted exactly as you want it. You also upload any .css files and images.

2) IF you want, you can include in your HTML template "tokens" (shortcodes) that will be replaced during the conversion process by Wordpress widget-ready areas. For example: [sidebar 1], [footer 1], [footer 2], [footer 3], [footer 4]. You click a button and then the page template is created.

3) You then:

a) go to "Create new page"

b) add a title to the page

c) under "Page Attributes" on the right, select from the "Template" drop-down menu the template you just created (for example: blue-background-salesletter).

d) Click "publish"


What about customer support?

Sometimes, things happen. A server may not be configured properly to work with the plugin, or you may just feel "lost."

No worries :-). Just send me an email and I'll solve your problem for you in less than 24 hours (very often just a couple of hours).

I reply to emails extremely fast and many customers say that, with me and my products, they have received the best customer support than by any other vendor they have done business with.

10-times-your-money-back-or-pay-nothing guarantee:

I always try to give my customers like you 10 times the real value that they paid for a product.

If for any reason you feel that HTML2WP didn't really help you make at least 10 times what you paid for it within 2 months, then I don't deserve your money.

Same goes, if you feel that it doesn't do "what it says on the tin", or it's just not for you.

If that happens, then just send me a (polite :-) ) email and I will refund your purchase.

Plus, you get to keep HTML2WP as my way of saying "thanks for giving it a try."

Fair enough? :-)

How to order HTML2WP:

Just click the button below. You will be redirected to Paypal. After your order comes through, you will reach the "thank-you" page.

It will have the download link for HTML2WP Blinker, as well as the installation instructions (it installs and gets activated like any other plugin your have tried).


Developer's License:

(Use the plugin on unlimited sites you own, or on unlimited client sites. You can also sell sites that have the plugin installed)

HTML2WP WordPress Plugin. Developer License

Multi-Site License:

(Use the plugin on UNLIMITED domains you own)

HTML2WP WordPress Plugin. Multi Site License

Single-Site License:

(Use the plugin on ONE domain you own)

HTML2WP WordPress Plugin. Single Site License

Early Testimonials:

"sorts all this out for you like magic..."

I have become a big fan of George as he seems to come out with a solution to a problem just at the right time. In this particular instance it is his brand new HTML 2 WP plugin.

Why does this work for me? Ok here is the scenario - there I am busy checking out a couple of excellent PLR products that only need a few changes here and there to turn them into sought after convertible items.

They even come with their own sales/squeeze, download and information pages which you guessed it ARE ALL IN HTML. I only use wordpress for my sites and things come to a real slowdown when I have to try copying and pasting HTML pages to work properly in Wordpress.

I know there are converters but I have found them a pain to use Georges plugin sorts all this out for you like magic, letting you create all the pages you want with just a few clicks of the mouse.



"I got the developers license and just flipped a site for $$$ with it."

Hey George, just wanted to stop back by and thank you again!

The plugin is working flawlessly. I got the developers license and just flipped a site for $$$ with it.

I could not be happier. Best plugin I have bought this year and I have bought many.

Terry Jett

"Great job!"

Awesome. I have TONS of PLR sales pages I can use and now get the benefit of some killer plugins I have without wasting time formating the page to a blog

great job George, thanks!

(dadhere on Warrior Forum)

"this newly created page became a part of my WP blog and I can make it an opening page if I want to... the design is the same, the button works."

George, this seems to be another cool plugin from you!

I don't like reading tons of instructions, I'd better follow my intuition, and this was so easy to run! I have this original HTML page with attached styles sheet here: Build Sites For Cash! Workshop and I've uploaded the files with this plugin and created this test page: Build Sites For Cash HTML2WP

Now this newly created page became a part of my WP blog and I can make it an opening page if I want to... the design is the same, the button works.

Great stuff indeed! Thanks!

Marian Kracovic

"solves a big problem with web development"

Hi George - This is a great plugin! It solves a big problem with web development... turning static pages into WordPress powered pages. I've not seen this done before by anyone as simply as this.

Brian Terry

"This will save me alot of headaches. "

Hi George

Got the developers license.

I was looking for this plugin

I had an html sales page for clickbank but did not want to take a chance putting this in wordpress, so I left it as html sales page and added the blog as mydomain.com/blog

Wish I had your plugin before

This will save me alot of headaches.

(Black Belt Bob on Warrior Forum)

"I can create beautiful, graphics-oriented custom pages with my desktop editor and add them to WP sites with literally a few clicks of the mouse. "

Two days ago I have a need to insert an HTML page in a WP site--something I've never even thought of before. I tried, and with some tweaking and hair-pulling, finally got it "almost" right. Then, yesterday, I get an email about this plug-in, almost like someone has been reading my mind. Bought it, installed it and in about 15 seconds, my HTML page was displayed from WP in perfect format.

This plug-in gives me the best of both worlds for my offline work--I can create beautiful, graphics-oriented custom pages with my desktop editor and add them to WP sites with literally a few clicks of the mouse.

(firefly53 on Warrior Forum)

"It only took me a few minutes and it worked perfectly."

Ok, I just had to come back here and say what an awesome plugin this is.

I bought this last night but only had a chance to test it out tonight. I did a test page on a test blog just to try it out and see how it all works. I can't believe how easy it is. It only took me a few minutes and it worked perfectly.

I'll certainly be using this to convert all of my html pages to Wordpress.

Lynette Crase


To your success,

george katsoudas signature

George Katsoudas

PS. Here's the summary: Download the HTML2WP Wordpress plugin for just $47. If within two months it hasn't generated at least $470 in extra profits, just let me know and I'll refund your purchase.



Do I need to have the plugin activated, once I create the page template? Or can I deactivate it later?

You can deactivate it later. The plugin is just needed to create the template in the first place.

Can the plugin convert multiple html pages into one Wordpress installation? In case I want to convert a salespage, a thank you page, an affiliate page, etc.

Currently, you would need to upload these pages one by one. But for a 3-page minisite, it shouldn't take more than 5-10 mins total.

Can the templates be edited with the WP editor once they are converted?

Yes it can. Go to Appearance ==> Editor - and then select the template you want to modify from the right-hand-side menu.

Can the page accept plugins?

For now, it accepts widgets (which is a form of plugin). Specifically, those that can be added in a sidebar or footer like "archives", "categories", "popular posts", "blogroll", "tags", and any type of commercial widget.

Can I create one template and then add content in it and save it to create several different pages?

You actually add the content in the template itself, before you upload it. This is the best way to make sure the content is formatted exactly as you want it to (without the weird line brakes or paragraphs that Wordpress creates by default).

What if I purchased the personal license and now I want to have the developer's license?

You can upgrade. Just send me an email at georgekatsoudas2000 [at] gmail.com - include your initial Paypal purchase receipt and I'll get back to you ASAP. :-)

Will this work with themeforest HTML templates ?

Yes, if it uses HTML and not some kind of alien source code (grin), it will be converted. ;-)

Can the page have an optin form or a video?

Absolutely. If you can see it in a static HTML page, it will be included flawlessly.

Will this new page be the homepage of my blog, or an internal page?

Whatever you like.

The new page will be the page that you decide. You can go to "Pages ==> Add New" and make this page be something like: yourblog.com/some-page

Or, if you want that page to be the homepage of your blog, you can go to "Settings ==> Reading" and select a "static page" as your homepage (and then select the page you just created).


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